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Lunch Menu

(V) vegetarian 

(GF) gluten-free 


The perfect beginning to any meal!

The Lavosh (V)$11.00

Unleavened armenian cracker bread or a gluten free, vegan, cauliflower crust (+ $3) baked with fresh ingredients and mozzarella cheese

*chicken and spinach

*basil pesto and tomato (GF)

*smoked rib tips, chicken, prosciutto, sliced tomato, sun-dried tomato pesto (GF)

*lobster sauce, seafood, and vegetables

*roasted vegetables, fresh spinach, sliced tomato, sun-dried tomato pesto (GF)

Brussel Sprouts (V)$9.00

Tender brussel sprouts roasted with red-peppers, maple-cider glaze, and caramelized walnuts, served with dipping sauces

Grilled Vegetables & Brie (GF) (V)$10.00

Seared zucchini, squash, red onion, sliced radishes & tomato. served with creamy brie cheese served with garlic crostini and baguette

Roasted Cauliflower Wedge$8.00

Oven roasted head of cauliflower, seasoned with cracked pepper, and parmesan crumbs, served with choice of dipping sauces

Coconut Shrimp Lollipops$11.00

Large shrimp breaded with coconut flakes, served in a martini glass with orange marmalade, mango salsa, a hint of horseradish and lemon

Flash Fried Calamari$10.00

Tender calamari rings flash fried in seasoned flour, served with red pepper aioli and remoulade sauce

Truffle Fries (V)$7.00

Thin-cut russet potatoes tossed with black truffle oil and parmesan cheese, served with dipping sauces

Fresh Guacamole Tableside (V)$10.00

Guacamole prepared by your server with haas avocados, fresh cilantro, tomatoes and lime, served with freshly fried ancho flour tortilla chips

Gateau Sampler$25.00

Serves Four!
A delicious medley of our lavosh, fondue and coconut shrimp

Spinach & Artichoke Fondue (V)$9.00

A warm fondue with gorgonzola cheese, baby spinach and artichoke hearts. served with garlic crostini and baguette

Baked Brie En Croute (V)$14.00

Mild and buttery-soft cheese with caramelized pears & cranberries. Baked in a french pastry shell, served with crostini, baguette, & balsamic vinegar reduction

Gateau Specialties

Choice of bleu cheese potato salad, thin-cut fries or a chocolate espresso muffin.

Sub a Cup of Fresh Fruit Medley or Soup for $3

The French Connection$14.00

Shaved roast beef with sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions and swiss cheese, broiled with bacon butter & served on a french baguette with mayo, bacon, lettuce and tomato with au jus

Macaroni & Cheese (V)$15.00

Large macaroni sauteed with cream, butter, sharp cheddar and swiss cheese. Baked au gratin with sourdough bread and parmesan cheese crumbs.

asparagus | truffle oil | ham | salsa | lobster sauce | bacon | chicken | tomato | duck sausage | bacon jam | caramelized onion | prosciutto | jalapenos | smoked rib ends | mushrooms | spinach | broccoli | bleu cheese - additional ingredients + $1 each

Additional sides not included

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wrap$11.00

Tender breast of chicken tossed in our jamaican jerk spice, grilled hot and stuffed into a tomato basil tortilla with pineapple mayo, melted cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, spring greens, red onions, sliced tomatoes and mango salsa

The Chips


Atlantic cod, all natural chicken breast, large shrimp fried in our light belgian ale beer batter, served over thin-cut fries,finished with dipping sauces

Additional sides not included

Salmon & Risotto$16.00

4 oz grilled salmon filet served over zucchini and summer squash risotto, finished with lobster bisque and asparagus spears

Additional sides not included

Crepes Cordon Bleu Casserole$14.00

Breast of chicken, ham, asparagus spears and shiitake mushrooms wrapped in our delicate crepes then baked au gratin with swiss cheese

Sun-dried Tomato Fettuccine (V)$15.00

Grilled zucchini, summer squash, onion, bell peppers, sauteed with fresh spinach, sun-dried tomato pesto and fettuccine, finished with feta cheese

Add chicken, steak tips, large shrimp, or duck sausage for $5

Additional sides not included

Steak and Mushrooms$15.00

4 oz. wagyu steak from the Morgan ranch in Burwell, NE served over fingerling sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, red peppers and onion, finished with wild mushroom demi-glace, and fresh asparagus.

Additional sides not included

Tenderloin Au Poivre Fettuccine$17.00

Angus tenderloin tips sautéed with mushrooms, green, and black peppercorns, flamed in brandy, simmered in cream with dijon, and gorgonzola cheese, then tossed with fresh fettuccine.

Additional sides not included

Pasta Gorgonzola with Chicken (V)$16.00

Julienne chicken breast sauteed in olive oil with broccoli florets, simmered in a spinach and artichoke cream sauce with tangy gorgonzola cheese and fettuccine

Quiche Du Jour$11.00

A pepper-parsley crust and custard like filling with today’s freshest ingredients. ask your server for selections


Imported and domestic beer, wine and spirits also available.


Gateau roast- Ethiopian custom roast, shade-grown, organic, ground fresh daily.

Crafted Cold Brew$3.50

Green gateau ethiopian custom roast, shade grown, organic, 24-hour cold press coffee

Gateau Iced Tea$3.00

Our signature blend of freshly brewed strawberry and apricot tea.

Coffee Specialties$4.00

Cafe latte, Cafe mocha, Cafe au lait, Cappuccino

Chai Tea$3.50

Hot or Cold!
Blend of honey-spiced tea and milk.

Italian Cream Soda$3.50

Raspberry, Strawberry, Swiss chocolate, Vanilla or Kiwi

Leaf Teas$3.00

Earl Grey, English breakfast, Green, Green Gateau or Market spice

Freshly Squeezed Lemonade$3.00

Add Strawberry, Kiwi, Apricot or Raspberry Flavor For +$.50 Each!

Decaf Hot Tea$3.00

English breakfast or Peppermint

Bottled Water$3.50

Pellegrino or Acqua Panna

Iced Latte$4.00

Green gateau cold brew with your choice of flavors, half and half

Gateau Crafted Tonics$4.00

A refreshing combination of strawberry or blueberry and mint steeped in simople syrup, finished with tonic water


SINGLE $3 | DOUBLE $3.50

Greens & Soup

Add a Cup of Soup to any Salad for $4

Grilled Salmon Salad (GF)$16.00

Fresh grilled salmon filet, served over a bed of romaine and spring greens with sliced mushrooms, scissored egg, tomatoes, sliced radishes, asparagus and red onions, finished with a parmesan crisp and warm bacon dressing on the side

Coconut Chicken Salad$15.00

Crispy coconut chicken, mixed greens, avocado, scissored egg, tomato, sliced radish, served with a parmesan cheese crisp, asparagus, and choice of dressing served on the side

Gateau Chicken Salad$14.00

Tender organic chicken breast blended with mayo, celery, scallions, parsley, caramelized walnuts served over spring greens. finished with tomatoes, asparagus, sliced radishes, red onion, parmesan crisp, and choice of dressing served on the side

Grilled Vegetable Salad (V)$13.00

Fresh grilled vegetables served over a bed of romaine and spring greens with sliced mushrooms, scissored egg, tomatoes, asparagus and red onions. Finished with a parmesan crisp, sun-dried tomato pesto, and choice of dressing on the side

Cobb Salad (GF) (V)$15.00

Grilled chicken breast, sliced avocado, bleu cheese, bacon, served over a bed of mixed greens with fresh asparagus, tomatoes, scissored egg, parmesan crisp, and your choice of dressing

Lincoln's Best Soup


Lobster bisque, french onion, roasted red pepper gouda

Sirloin Steak Salad (GF)$16.00

Grilled angus sirloin tips served over a bed of mixed greens with gorgonzola crumbles, sliced bacon, sliced radishes, grape tomatoes, scissored egg and onion, finished with a parmesan crisp and choice of dressing served on the side

Pick 2 or 3 Combo (V)

Choice of Two $11 | Choice of Three $14

SANDWICH: california club | chicken salad croissant | the garden party or grilled vegetables & brie cheese

SALAD: gateau spring salad with caramelized walnuts, feta cheese and sun-dried cranberries served in a parmesan crisp

CUP OF SOUP: lobster bisque, french onion, roasted red pepper gouda

GG Sandwiches

Choice of bleu cheese potato salad, thin-cut fries or a muffin.

Sub a Cup of Fresh Fruit Medley or Soup for $3

Chicken Monterey (GF)$12.00

Grilled all natural chicken breast with prosciutto, melted cheddar and swiss cheeses, served on a fresh brioche roll with lettuce, tomato, onion, roasted red pepper mayo and fresh avocado slices

Turkey & Brie Croissant$12.00

Shaved black pepper turkey breast served on a toasted croissant with lettuce, tomato, onion, finished with creamy brie cheese spread and sun-dried tomato pesto

Chicken Salad Croissant$12.00

Tender chicken breast blended with mayo, celery, scallions & parsley served on a toasted croissant with lettuce & tomato

Steak Philly Wrap$15.00

sirloin steak tips grilled with pepper, onions, mushrooms and pepper jack cheese, wrapped in a tomato-basil tortilla, finished with chipotle ranch dressing, lettuce and tomato

The Garden Party (V)$11.00

Grilled vegetables, tomato, radishes and spinach leaves wrapped in a tomato-basil tortilla, spread with brie cheese and fresh avocado slices

add chicken + $2

Blackstone Reuben$13.00

House-made fresh angus corned beef brisket topped with thousand island dressing, sauerkraut and diced red potatoes, served on thick-sliced rye

Croque Monsieur$14.00

The classic french hot ham and cheese sandwich on brioche toast with grilled ham and dijon mustard, broiled with swiss cheese and mornay sauce

California Club$13.00

Shaved roast beef, turkey, bacon strips, cheddar and swiss cheeses, spring greens, tomatoes, fresh avocado slices and red onion layered on sourdough toast with guacamole and roasted red pepper mayo. Served with a side of chipotle ranch dressing

Crab Sliders$17.00

Grilled Maryland crab cakes served on petite croissants with pineapple mayo, remoulade sauce, bacon, lettuce, tomato and red onion.

The Burgers

choice of bleu cheese potato salad, thin-cut fries or a chocolate espresso muffin. sub a cup of fresh fruit medley or soup + $3

CHOOSE: Nebraska-raised, hormone & pesticide-free, humanely treated, Wagyu fresh ground beef from the Morgan Ranch in Burwell, NE, or a Vegan Beyond Burger (V) or a fresh all-natural chicken breast. 

SERVED ON:  a fresh brioche roll or a fresh gluten free roll with lettuce, tomato, onion and roasted red pepper mayo. 

ADD: mushrooms, caramelized onions, extra cheese, jalapeños, bbq sauce, bacon jam, prosciutto, or guacamole + $1

Gateau Burger* (GF)$11.00

Cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack, mozzarella or bleu cheese.

Veggie (GF) (V)$11.00

Beyond Burger, sliced radishes, creamy brie cheese and basil.

Beer & Bleu* (GF)$12.00

Bacon, Belgian ale and bleu cheese

California Burger* (GF)$12.00

Bacon, cheddar, Swiss guacamole.

Jalapenos Brie Burger* (GF)$12.00

Fresh jalapenos, sweet peppers and onions, brie and pepper jack cheeses

Patty Melt (GF)$11.00

Cheddar, Swiss, caramelized onions, served on grilled rye toast

*Consuming Raw or Undercooked Meats, Seafood, Poultry, Shellfish or Eggs May Increase Your Risk of Foodborne Illness