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Bride Questionnaire

Requested Information
Phone Number
Email Address
What Time Would You Like The Meal To Be Served?

Bar Options
Would You Like Any Kegs? If so, what kind and how many?
Would You Like Unlimited Soda For the Evening? ($125)
Cash Bar?
Hosted Bar? Please list any hosted bar items other than kegs

Round or Rectangle Cake Table?
What Color Table Cloth On Your Cake Table?

What Time Will The Flowers Be Delivered?
What Time Will the Cake Be Delivered

When Will The DJ Be Setting Up?

Head Table
How Many Guests At Your Head Table? (Including Yourselves)
What Color Linens?

Gift Table
What Color Linen For Your Gift Table?

Guest Table Linens
Tablecloth Color Choice
Napkin Color?

Meal Choices or Buffet (See Menu Link Above)
(If a buffet) Would You Like The DJ To Dimiss Guests To The Buffet?
Would You Like To Start The Buffet?
Dessert Choices?

Will There Be A DJ?
Are You Showing A Video?
Do You Need A Projector Rented For You? ($75)
Are You Having A Photo Booth?

Event Date:
What Time Will The First Guests Be Arriving?
What Time Would You Like Appetizers To Be Served?
What Time Are You Having Photos Taken With The Cake?
What Time Will The Cake Be Cut?